Learn to love the Lightning interface

Salesforce Lightning - A faster, interactive,feature-rich and more powerful version of its CRM platform in the world. The modern UI brings new features, increased productivity, faster deployments, and a seamless transition across desktop and mobile environments.Who wouldn’t want to get there?

The Lightning Experience isn’t just a new skin on top of Salesforce, it’s designed to be a completely new user experiences . Lightning is the next generation framework aimed at improved productivity and enhanced way of working.

Lightning Impressive features
Follow these tips to increase adoption and ensure your users love working in Lightning Experience:

First up are the new interactive tabs - Taking advantage of interactive and dynamic interface, With one simple click from home page, you can create new records/view recent records/list views

Set the Default tab on any Lightning page as Details Tab- The Details tab displays fields and sections from the page layout associated with the object.


Single view of all actions on the record-An easier way to view all the past tasks, activities, emails and events in the chronological order on one page. This would make sales team's task much simple and trouble free

Kanban list View - a quick visual summary of records ,organized as cards in columns, making it easier to monitor. This view is typically available for objects that have standard list views like Accounts, leads ,Cases, and Opportunities.U sually most used when viewing opportunities for a particular sales path.


Lightning Path - A component to display the progress of a process.It is based on picklist field value. An easy on the eye way of indicating the path through a business process.

Related list quick list - A list of link in one section of the page for all the related lists avialable on that page. It also gives gives you the number of records per list.

Customizable dashboard - the best way to gain attention towards most important information hidden in the reports.Lightning Dashboards gives more flexibility to organize the dashboard in a user-friendly and logical way.

Implement custom duplicate rules-Duplicate records have a big, bad impact on Salesforce user adoption.First create a custom matching rule and then associate it with the Duplicate Rule.

Easy access to apps via Lightning App menu - The quick view menu contains your first 7 apps. Apps can include Salesforce standard apps, custom apps, and connected apps. Other items, such as custom objects, tasks, events, and the feed, show up under All Items.

Assistant - This great feature gives you a summarised to-do list based on ever-changing parameters with your records.


Before it’s too late and your day-to-day work is drastically impacted by a shift you haven’t planned for, you should plan for this move. Salesforce Lightning also provides a seamless transition from desktop to mobile devices, so you can check the status of your accounts or follow up with a customer from anywhere at anytime.

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