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A new social media platform with a mission to provide India a faster & easier way to connect, communicate over web, do business, get daily customized news and information discovery experience in real-time, stay updated with latest entertainment news and trends, write blogs, exchange ideas & views under forums and so much more. Contributing to make the dream of digital India to reality. CoThWo is aiming to bring billion voices of India to be heard

The New India is empowered with technology enabling for the IT transformation and preparing India for the future. With government's Digital India Initiative, country's digital population increased becoming world's 2nd largest Internet user base.

Looking over some stats as of Jan 2020 , the total number active internet users in India is around 687 million out of which social media users in India stood at 400 million showcasing social media as an active medium of engagement adding more vibgyor to real-life networking

We Are Connecting You with the new Digital Life. Everything we do is about you.


Our mission at CoThWo is to offer a unique Social networking experience for people of India by providing dedicated highest quality of networking, building business, real-time updates, job listing, forums and more that Digital India needs at one place with creativity and innovation


Enable digital India with power to build communities, share and stay connected with CoThWo, a dedicated social network built for India

A New India is rising. Let's discover it!

Get to know the founder

CoThWo has been a dream since 2014, times when exposure to internet world increased in India. Pursuing graduation in computer applications and unending urge to learn the new technologies, came the idea of building a social network dedicated for India. Coming from a family that emphasis on harmony and unity with people around us, interacting and staying connected with people is important for me. With all the inspirations from tech giants and great courage took my first step towards building 'CoThWo', enjoyed some success and fame but there were no easy decisions to take. Alongside I had entered corporate world, balancing out time between work and implementing my idea was tough but both were a must to me. Excelling myself in corporate world over the years and being a responsible son. Today I'm here making my dream come true, building a social network for India. - Dipojjal Chakrabarti (Founder & CEO , CoThWo.in)