Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting CoThWo India. We want to inform you that all data that is generated or stored in CoThWo remains in India and is never given/provide to anyone for any purposes. This data always stays within our servers in India. The only exception when the data can be monitored is when it is necessary or mandatory by law/govt. of India.

This privacy policy tells you how we use personal information collected at this website. Please read this privacy policy before using the website or submitting any personal information. By using the website, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. These practices may be changed, but any changes will be posted and will only apply to activities and information on a going forward, not retroactive basis. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy whenever you visit the site to keep track of the policy changes and make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used.

Note: The privacy practices set forth in this privacy policy are for CoThWo only. If you link to other websites, please review the privacy policies posted on those websites.

What kind of information do we collect?

To provide the CoThWo Products, we must process information about you. The types of information we collect depend on how you use our Products.

Things you and others provide:

  • Information and content, you provide: We store the information you provide when you signup for CoThWo, create or share content while using CoThWo, and communicate with others.
  • Networks and connections: We store information about the people, Pages, accounts, hashtags and groups you are connected to for example groups/pages you have joined.
  • Things others do and information they provide about you: We also store information that other people provide when they use our Products. This can include information about you, such as when others share or comment on a photo of you, send a message to you, or upload, sync or import your contact information.

Device Information

As described below, we collect information from the computers, phones and other web-connected devices you use that integrate with our Products, and we combine this information across different devices you use.

Information we obtain from these devices includes:

  • Device operations: information about operations and behaviors performed on the device, such as whether a window is in foreground or background.
  • Data from device settings: information you allow us to receive through device settings you turn on, such as access to your GPS location, camera, or photos.
  • Cookie data: data from cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings. We use cookies to verify your account and determine when you’re logged in so we can make it easier for you to access CoThWo and show you the appropriate experience and features.
  • Location-related information: We use location-related information-such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to go, and the businesses and people near you to show nearby users to find friends.

Content others share about you

You should consider who you choose to share your information with, because people who can see your activity on CoThWo can choose to share it with others on and off CoThWo, including people and businesses outside the audience you shared with. For example, when you share a post or send a message to specific friends or accounts, they can download, screenshot, or share that content with others across or off CoThWo. Also, when you comment on someone else's post or react to their content, your comment or reaction is visible to anyone who can see the other person's content. Hence we advise you to always take the precaution of whom you’re sharing with because such human actions can't be monitored from our side.

People can also use CoThWo to create and share content about you with the audience they choose. For example, people can share a photo of you in a Story, mention or tag you at a location in a post, or share information about you in their posts or messages. If you are uncomfortable with what others have shared about you on CoThWo, you can report the content.

Information about your active status/presence on CoThWo

People in your network can see signals telling them whether you are active on CoThWo, or when you last used CoThWo. You can control this by setting yourself “offline”.

Apps, websites, and third-party integrations on or using CoThWo

When you choose to use third-party apps, websites, or other services that use, or are integrated with, CoThWo, they can receive information about what you post or share. For example, when you use a CoThWo share button, website can receive information about the link that you share from CoThWo to the website. Information collected by these third-party services is subject to their own terms and policies, not this one.

Law enforcement or legal requests

We might need to share information if an only if it is mandatory as per law enforcement or required by the govt.

How can I manage or delete information about me?

We provide you with the ability to access, rectify, port, and erase your data.

We store data until it is no longer necessary to provide our services and CoThWo Products, or until your account is deleted - whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things like the nature of the data, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

When you delete your account, we delete things you have posted, such as your photos and status updates, and you won't be able to recover that information later. Information that others have shared about you isn't part of your account and won't be deleted.

How will we notify you of changes to this policy?

We'll notify you before we make changes to this policy via email and give you the opportunity to review the revised policy for CoThWo.

How to contact CoThWo with questions?

You can learn more about how privacy works on CoThWo. If you have questions about this policy, you can fill out this form.